Information about Pilsen (Naše město)


The city of Pilsen belongs among the most significant cities in the Czech Republic. In its existence this fourth largest city in the Czech Republic has not been just an industrial and business centre but a centre of culture and education, too. There are lots of museums, schools and theatres.

The Brewery Museum tells the story from its ancient beginnings up to the time of rising of big industrial breweries.
The largest synagogue in our republic, second largest in Europe, was built at the end of 19th century. It testifies to the once prosperous and plentiful Jewish community of Pilsen. Nowadays, the interior is used for concerts and exhibitions.

You are warmly welcome to visit our town and experience everything on your own!

Město Plzeň

26. základní škola Plzeň
Skupova 22
301 00 Plzeň

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